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Tom Wuchina

Tom Wuchina
Suspended Animation, mixed media, 5' x 8'
September 10, 2013 - March 2, 2013
Ticketing Lobby (North side)
Born and raised in the Steel Mill Country of Western Pennsylvania, Tom Wuchina moved to Tennessee to play football for Vanderbilt University on an athletic scholarship. He then earned his Master of Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis while commuting every couple of weeks back to his farm outside of Memphis, Tenn. His sports background, along with his father’s and mother’s Croatian heritage and their dedication to family, helped give Wuchina a tremendous work ethic that assisted in making him a true team player throughout his athletic, artistic and marketing careers. To this day, Wuchina is still driven and influenced by the creative process and athletic virtues of using his hands, getting dirty and achieving results through perseverance. His thirst for discovery and obsessive personal quest to attain goals that others may have thought hopeless enabled him to find the extraordinary essence of life and incorporate it into his art and his desire to teach others trying to survive in the world of business, culture and art.

About Kinetic Manifestations of Light and Illusion
Wuchina’s sculptures for this project are viewer-friendly and do not require intellectualism to understand. They are educational by choice and offer a playground for the mind. Stimulating the Moiré Phenomenon with a vibrant interaction of color, materials, light, design and constant visual change allows the viewer to experience art like a child without any fear of not knowing what it is supposed to mean.

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