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Complaint Investigations

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It is the policy of the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority's Department of Public Safety to investigate all complaints made against any of its employees.  The agency’s complaint system ensures the records and investigations of all complaints are maintained and reported pursuant to policy.

​Calendar Year 2017​17 Internal Investigations; 8 were exonerated, 3 were unfounded, 1 not sustained, 3 were sustained and 2 policy/training failure
​Calendar Year 2016​6 Internal Investigations; 3 were exonerated, 2 were unfounded and 1 was not sustained
Calendar Year 2015​​5 Internal Investigations; 2 were exonerated, 2 were unfounded and 1 was not sustained
​​Calendar Year 2014 4 Internal Investigations; 2 were exonerated and 2 were sustained ​
​Calendar Year 2013 ​2 Internal Investigations; both were sustained
​Calendar Year 2012​0 Internal Investigations​
​Calendar Year 2011​5 Internal Investigations; all 5 were sustained​
​Calendar Year 2010​​10 Internal Investigations; all 10 were sustained​
​Fiscal Year 2009​ ​13 Internal Investigations; 11 were sustained, 1 was not sustained and 1 was exonerated​
​Fiscal Year 2008​

3 Internal Investigations; 2 were sustained and 1 was unfounded​

​Fiscal Year 2007​​10 Internal Investigations; 4 were sustained, 3 were not sustained, 2 exonerated and 1 was unfounded​
​Fiscal Year 2006​​15 Internal Investigations; 9 were sustained and 6 were not sustained​

To file a comment or complaint click here.  You may also contact the Department of Public Safety at (615) 275-1703 or visit the office at 921 Airport Service Dr., Nashville, TN, 37217, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.