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Committee Meetings are scheduled from 9 a.m. - 11 am.
Board Meetings are scheduled for 1 p.m.
All meetings are held in the BNA Board Room.
Agendas are posted the morning of the meeting.

2019 Committee Meetings

​January 9GAOPE Agenda
GAOPE Minutes

FAP AgendaFAP Minutes
February 13
GAOPE Agenda
GAOPE Minutes
FAP AgendaFAP Minutes

​Diversity & Workforce Development Agenda​Diversity & Workforce Development ​Minutes
​February 20Management AgendaManagement Minutes
March 13
GAOPE ​Agenda​GAOPE ​Minutes

​FAP Agenda​FAP Minutes
Audit Agenda​Audit Minutes
April 10
FAP ​AgendaFAP ​Minutes

​BNA Vision Agenda​​BNA Vision Minutes

​Management Agenda​​Management Minutes
​April 17Management AgendaManagement Minutes
​May 15GAOPE ​Agenda​GAOPE Minutes
​FAP Agenda​FAP Minutes
​BNA Vision AgendaBNA Vision Minutes
Management Agenda​Management Minutes
June 12​​GAOPE Agenda​GAOPE Minutes
​FAP Agenda FAP Minutes
BNA Vision AgendaBNA Vision Minutes
​Diversity & Workforce Development Agenda​​Diversity & Workforce Development Minutes
​Management Agenda​Management Minutes
​July 10​FAP Agenda​FAP Minutes
​BNA Vision AgendaBNA Vision Minutes
​Audit Agenda​Audit Minutes
Management AgendaManagement Minutes
​August 14​GAOPE Agenda​GAOPE Minutes
​FAP AgendaFAP Minutes
​BNA Vision Agenda​BNA Vision Minutes
Management AgendaManagement Minutes
​September 4Management Agenda Management Minutes
​September 11​GAOPE - No Meeting
No Quorum

​FAP - No Meeting
No Quorum

​BNA Vision Agenda
BNA Vision Minutes
​Management Agenda
​Management Minutes
​October 9
​FAP Agenda
​FAP Minutes

​BNA Vision Agenda
​BNA Vision Minutes

​Diversity & Workforce Development Agenda
​Diversity & Workforce Development Minutes
​November 13
​GAOPE Agenda
​GAOPE Minutes

FAP Agenda​​FAP Minutes

​BNA Vision Agenda
​BNA Vision Minutes

​Audit Agenda
​Audit Minutes
​November 20
​Management Agenda
​Management Minutes

2019 Board Meetings

​January 16Agenda​Minutes
​February 20​Agenda​Minutes
​March 20AgendaMinutes
​April 17AgendaMinutes
​May 22​Agenda​Minutes
​June 26AgendaMinutes
​July 17No Meeting​No Meeting
​August 28Agenda​​Minutes
​September 25​Agenda​​Minutes
​October 16​Agenda​​Minutes
​November 20​Agenda​​Minutes
​December 18​Agenda​​Minutes

2018 Committee Meetings

​January 10​Agenda​Minutes
​February 14AgendaMinutes
​March 14​Agenda​​Minutes
​April 11​Agenda​​Minutes
​May 9​Agenda​​Minutes
​June 13Agenda​​Minutes
​July 11​Agenda​​Minutes
​July 30 - Special FAPAgenda​Minutes
​August 8Agenda​​Minutes
​September 12No meeting​​No meeting
​October 10Agenda​​Minutes
​November 7Agenda​​​Minutes
​December 12Agenda​​Minutes

2018 Board Meetings

​January 17​AgendaMinutes
​February 21AgendaMinutes
​March 21​AgendaMinutes
​April 18Agenda​Minutes
​May 16​Agenda Minutes​
​June 20​Agenda​Minutes
​July 18​Agenda


​August 15​Agenda​Minutes
​September 19Agenda​​Minutes
​October 17​Agenda​​Minutes
​November 14Agenda
​December 19​Agenda​​Minutes