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BNA Brand




Nashville International Airport is transforming before our eyes into a world-class airport that embraces and reflects the energy and character of Music City. It’s evident in the dynamic expansion and infrastructure upgrades that are part of BNA Vision. And you’ll be able to experience it as we introduce our new concessions program featuring scores of distinctive, locally-owned restaurants and retailers.

As the airport evolves, so has the BNA brand. Our brand is the essence of who we are, based on the perceptions of those we serve – you. Our community plays a large role in forming our brand, and it’s important that we listen when you’re expressing something to us. What we’ve heard is that you have embraced our identity as BNA.

Now, we’re making an intentional shift to align with how our travelers, our community, and our partners already see us. The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority is still the entity that owns and operates the airport.  But you know the airport as simply “BNA.” We like it that way. It’s a brand that more strongly correlates the airport with the city we’ve served since 1937. It’s a name most know already, but we’re also excited to formally introduce our new visual identity.

This change is a direction we welcome, but it’s not one that happened overnight. We went through a detailed strategic process that included conducting research such as looking at our history and other airports across the world to create a logo that breaks through and stands out amongst our peers.

Next, we pored through scores of sketches, and revised and refined. And developed more sketches. And revised and refined. Through this process, we started to uncover a portion of our story. Nashville International Airport is more than just an airport. It’s more than just Nashville’s airport. This airport is Nashville. From the music, art and food, to the warm and welcoming environment, our airport is overflowing with the same Music City spirit that you’ll discover downtown, in East Nashville, Jefferson Street, Music Row, Germantown, and more.

The best way for this airport to serve this city and region is to be as authentically Nashville as we can possibly be. The city never stops moving, progressing, innovating, and neither does this airport. Nashville is a place where people connect with one another, and so is BNA.

We believe the new BNA logo embodies the direction where our community and our airport are heading. In fact, the stylistic B is highlighted in an energetic yellow as a call-to-action to urge all of us to “Be Nashville.” Meanwhile, the electric blue conveys the vibrancy of Music City. The blue and yellow together build on the past with a nod to the colors of the flag of Nashville and the city’s official seal.

The interlocking “B” represents how connected our city is on so many levels while symbolizing the collaborative spirit of Nashville, and the letter’s flowing, infinite nature suggests the constant movement of both Nashville and BNA. Finally, the new BNA brand was designed with simplicity in mind to insure distinctiveness and recognition that will serve us well as we become a global airport for a global city.


Be Nashville. BNA.