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Economic Impact


Jobs. Income. Revenue. Big Growth. Big Impact. BNA.


BNA generated some $7.1 billion in total economic impact to the Middle Tennessee economy in 2018, according to study.  The report commissioned by BNA and conducted by research firm Martin Associates, reveals the airport's economic impact has more than doubled since 2012—up from $3.5 billion.


The economic impact study analyzed job creation, personal income growth, tax revenue generated, and other factors during the 2018 calendar year. Aviation activity at BNA generated the following:

  • 67,432 Tennessee jobs and $2.8 billion in personal income.
  • $6 billion of business revenue to firms providing goods and services at the airport and to the local visitor industry.
  • $168 million in state and local taxes and $224 million in federal aviation-specific taxes. 
  • 4.4 million visitors arriving through BNA spent $2.9 billion in the greater Nashville area for food, lodging, entertainment, retail, transportation services, and more.


The study also analyzed the impacts of Nashville's John C. Tune Airport (JWN), located just west of downtown. The leading general aviation airport in the state, JWN hosted 8,000 visitors and contributed $35.3 million in total economic impact, while supporting 327 jobs, generating $1.1 million in state and local taxes, and producing $19.2 million in personal income.


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