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BNA Master Plan Update

Stakeholder and Community Involvement

Stakeholder engagement during the Master Plan Update will include the following:

  • Public Information Meeting
    Held Tuesday, March 5, 2019
    Click here for meeting materials

  • A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of airport stakeholders that have technical knowledge or orientation directly correlated to the Airport. Members may include those stakeholders from the FAA, TDOT, Airlines and Airport Tenants.

  • A Community Advisory Committee (CAC) consisting of jurisdictional representatives, neighborhood leaders, business leaders, and leaders of special interest groups who offer input on historical, community and regional information that should be considered in the development of the Master Plan.

Advisory Committees will meet four times over the course of the Master Planning Process:

Master Plan Elements
A Master Plan Technical Report will be prepared and will include the following:
  • Inventory of Existing Conditions
  • Forecast of Aviation Demand
  • Demand Capacity and Facility Requirements
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Environmental Overview
  • Implementation Plan
  • Financial Plan

Airport Layout Plan

A traditional Airport Layout Plan (ALP) will be created to identify planned developments for approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The ALP will utilize newly acquired aerial survey data