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ADA & Assistance Services/BNA Cares

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BNA Cares is the collection of programs, services and facilities offered at Nashville International Airport to accommodate our passengers and visitors in need of special assistance in a variety of different areas. Our goal is to make everyone’s airport experience easy, accessible and welcoming. It’s the Nashville way.

Family Restrooms

Family restrooms are designed to accomm​odate our passengers who have special needs or circumstances. Amenities include extra space, a fold-down baby changing station, ADA compliant lavatories, sinks and mirrors.

Family Restroom Locations

  • Concourses A/B Rotunda: To the right of Noshville restaurant
  • Concourse B: To the right of Gate B8
  • Concourse C: To the left of Gate C5
  • Concourse C: To the left of Gate C15 (with adult changing table)
  • Concourses A/B Waiting Lounge (pre-security): To the right of of music stage           
  • Concourse C Waiting Lounge (pre-security): To the left of music stage              


Adult Changing Table

Available for the convenience of our passengers with special needs and their caregivers. Located in Concourse C, near Gate C15.

Lactation Room 

Located next to Noshville at the A/B Food Court (just before the entrance to Concourse B). A clean, private room for nursing mothers with a comfy chair, electrical outlets, sink, paper towels, hand dryer and changing stations.

Parking Accommodations/Accessible Parking Program

Parking spaces are designated at the front of all airport lots for our customers with physical disabilities. Only those who display a legal handicapped window tag or license plate may use these spaces. Vehicles not displaying a legal handicapped plate or tag are subject to fines and towing.

BNA provides complementary parking to individuals enrolled in the airport’s Accessible Parking Program. Any individual possessing a valid, Tennessee-issued handicap permit may apply for the program. For more information, contact BNA at (615) 275-4458 or at or click here.            

All airport-operated shuttle buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps for passenger assistance.            


Paging for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Passengers who are hearing impaired can be visually paged on our flight information display system. This service can be requested at the Information Center (615-275-2098).

Telecommunication Devices for the DEAF (TDDs) Locations

  • Ticketing Lobby (Level 3, pre-security): Next to the live music stage (past the South Security Checkpoint Entrance and restrooms)

  • Baggage Claim (Level 2, pre-security): Next to the South escalator vending machines (near Baggage Carousel 2)

  • Interim International Arrivals Building Connector (walkway to Baggage Claim)

  • Concourse A: Near Gate A3 (next to La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant)

  • Concourse B: Near Gate B5 (between the restrooms

  • Concourse C: Between Gates C14 and C15 (next to the men's restroom)

Escorting a Person with Special Needs

Please contact your airline in advance if you need to assist a small child or person with disabilities to their departure gate.

Language Line ® Services

This over-the-phone translation service is provided at the Information Center for those who do not speak or understand English, or for those needing to page a non-English speaker.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in the terminal. For specific info about traveling with a service animal, contact your airline.


PLEASE NOTE: All non-service animals or "pets" must be in carriers.


Service Animal/Pet Relief Area

This area is located on the North side of the Departures level of the terminal (Level 3), which is the Ticketing level. Please note that service animals anywhere on airport property, including the service animal relief area, should be leashed at all times.  (Directions​)

Skycap Services

Travelers may arrange skycap wheelchair assistance at their airline’s ticket counter or curbside check-in. The Information Center (615-275-2098) will also page for a skycap. Those who wish to arrange special skycap assistance for a person at their arrival gate should contact their airline in advance.

Travelers with Special Needs

If you require a companion or assistant to accompany you through the security checkpoint to reach your gate, speak with your airline representative about obtaining a gate pass for your companion before entering the security checkpoint.

Simplify the process

Bring evidence verifying you have a medical implant or other device if it is likely to set off the alarm on the metal detector. Although this is not a requirement, it may help to expedite the screening process.

Permitted items

Mobility aids and assistive devices permitted through security checkpoints include: wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, crutches, canes, prosthetic devices, body braces, augmentation and communication devices (e.g. Braille note takers, slate and stylus), dog guides, service dogs, hearing dogs, and diabetes- related equipment and supplies.

Other Needs

To request an accommodation not listed above, or to file a complaint:
  • Weekdays:
    Call 615-275-2085 and ask to speak with our ADA Coordinator.
  • After hours:
    Call 615-275-1705.

Escalator Safety

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