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Bonnaroo and Arts at the Airport

Bonnaroo and Arts at the Airport Announce Winners
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival® and Arts at the Airport

Announce Winners of Bonnaroo-Themed Skylight Competition
The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival® and the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority’s Arts at the Airport program proudly announce the artists selected to participate in the Bonnaroo-themed skylight displays at Nashville International Airport.

Four artists, Carla Ciuffo, AK Llamas, Duncan McDaniel and Peat Wollaeger, were selected by a jury composed of members from Bonnaroo, the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation and Arts at the Airport. The winning proposals represented a variety of media and interpretations of the famed music and arts festival. The winning artists have created site-specific sculptures/installations in two skylights on Concourse A, B and C. McDaniel created an installation for one skylight on Concourse C. Proposals were selected based on artistic quality and communication of the Bonnaroo brand to both new and familiar audiences.
The Bonnaroo displays will be suspended in the skylights at Nashville International Airport from May 12, 2014 to January 26, 2015.

Selected Artists and Their Skylight Installations:

Carla Ciuffo

Carla Ciuffo uses structural and organic elements and the human form to create digital compositions. The exhibit “Just A Perfect Day” takes her photography into the next dimension by defying gravity with the use of 3-D and lenticular printing. Her exhibit of portraiture entitled, Musicians: Between the Heart and the Breath, will be on display at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame  from May through September 2014. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections in Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and Paris, France. She is represented by the Tinney Contemporary gallery in Nashville, Tenn.

Just A Perfect Day
(Located on Concourse C, near Gates 5 and 7)
This visual tribute to music explores the effects of space, light and color through photography in new ways.’s expertise in lenticular technology, generosity of sponsorship and willingness to be a part of the Bonnaroo “Positivity” experience has brought Ciuffo’s vision to full fruition by breathing life into “Just A Perfect Day.”

Production Sponsor and Lenticular Printer: has been the premiere brand identity for large-format 3-D lenticular printing for 15 years. Their relentless pursuit of new printing technologies and better techniques keeps them at the top of the industry year after year. Whether the need is oversize murals, museum quality displays, or simple mailers, the solution is

AK Llamas

AK Llamas is the husband and wife artist team of Alfonso and Kristin Llamas. The couple have been creating artwork and curating exhibitions for over a decade. Their collaborations began when they sold all of their belongings to accomplish The Nomadic Project, a conceptual art project that led to the creation and exhibition of 50 paintings developed and exhibited in all 50 states of America in order to unite the country through art. Some recent projects include: The YOUnite Tour, Amaranths: Tactical Flowers, The Socratic Dialogues and the Paper Portrait Lanterns on Deaderick Street (Nashville’s largest 3-D street art installation). AK Llamas is represented locally by the Tinney Contemporary gallery, Nashville, Tenn. Kristin and Alfonso live in Franklin, Tenn., with their three children.

Amaranth Tactical Co-Mission: AK-BNA1 and AK-BNA2
(Located on Concourse B, near Gates 4 and 6)

The skylight installations by AK Llamas relate to the Bonnaroovian codes. An example of a Bonnaroovian code is: "Letting Positivity Radiate.” The skylights incorporate both positive and negative space to let light shine through Bonnaroo elements. The artists also incorporate the “Leave No Trace” code by bringing awareness to the human impact on the environment and by using man-made objects and recycled materials to imitate nature. The skylights incorporate the artists’ ongoing project, Amaranths: Tactical Flowers. AK Llamas has installed Amaranths: Tactical Flowers throughout the U.S. and Europe. These sculptural flowers serve as a commentary on the artificial creation of beauty.

Peat Wollaeger

Internationally recognized stencil artist Peat "EYEZ" Wollaeger was brought up in the school of Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Banksy and other street artists. He is well-known for his iconic EYEZ, raw colorful portraits, stencil videos and most of all, his public art. He believes in public art as a way to beautify a community, to shape people’s lives and to introduce art to people who my never step into a gallery. Most importantly, he believes art transforms cities and improves quality of life. Wollaeger’s work has been seen in the St. Louis Loop (EYEZ of Delmar), Art Basel Miami Primary Flight (Tribute to Keith Haring in Wynwood), Welling Court Murals in Queens, N.Y. (EYEZ on Nelson Mandela), Green Day's "The ART of Rock" at Stolen Spaces in London and numerous other public art projects across the globe. Peat Wollaeger lives and works in St. Louis, Mo. He recently opened a new storefront/gallery called Studio TWOZ, located at 2222 South Jefferson Avenue in St Louis. TWOZ features his new clothing line ( and a galley of urban contemporary art.

EYEZ on Bonnaroo

(Located on Concourse A, near Gates 2 and 3)

EYES on Bonnaroo is one of Peat
"EYEZ" Wollaeger's first massive sculptural mobiles. The installation is intended to offer a SMILE and a LOOK at the world’s most renowned music festival, Bonnaroo. The mobile-type installation is a mix of stencil, spray paint and layered wood cut-outs. The skylights feature his iconic EYEZ spinning above the Bonnaroo logo that he designed into a smile, with notes so colorful you can almost hear them. Turn up your BEATZ and grin!

Duncan McDaniel

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, Duncan McDaniel’s work involves creative discovery through exploration of his personal aesthetic and how it influences his interpretation of the world around him. His techniques are varied and whimsical, ranging from oil paintings, large-scale drawings, artistic bike racks and site-specific installations. McDaniel is always searching to become a better artist through a creative journey through playful and whimsical forms and ideas. This journey is open-ended. He does not always know where he is headed, but he always ends up somewhere exciting, new and uncharted. Duncan McDaniel lives and works in Nashville, Tenn.

Spectrum Wind
(Located on Concourse C, near Nashville Nails & Salon Services and Boswell's Harely-Davidson)
The Spectrum Wind installation resembles a colorful wind literally blowing through the walls of the airport skylight. This offers the viewers an exciting sensation of a colorful and playful gust making its way through Nashville, like Bonnaroo. The only visible materials are Solo cups. These widely familiar disposable cups are frequently used at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Because Solo cups are easy to clean up and inexpensive, they are perfect for any gathering of people drinking beverages, whether at a baseball game, barbecue, college party, or a magical, peaceful city of 80,000 happy people over a long weekend in Middle Tennessee. Solo cups are synonymous with fun and parties.