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RFQ for Public Art - Concourse D Hanging Sculpture

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Nashville International Airport

Request for Qualifications

Suspended Sculpture - Concourse D Food Court

Entry Deadline: May 6, 2019

Construction Support Documents

Virtual Tour of Concourse D (mp4)

Amenities and Art Detail (pdf)

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The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and Arts at the Airport invite artists/teams living in the US to submit qualifications for design of a permanent public artwork to be integrated into and suspended from the ceiling area of the Concourse D Food Court at the Nashville International Airport. The art budget is $600,000. The deadline for submission on CodaWorx is May 6, 2019. Project installation occurs in June 2020.   

Project Background

Concourse D is a new wing of the Nashville International Airport currently under construction. The six gate Concourse will be home to many local eateries and retail establishments. Hensel Phelps | Fentress, a progressive design-build team, were selected by MNAA to lead the Concourse D project. The Concourse D project is expected to be complete in Summer/Fall 2020 and is part of a larger expansion project known as the BNA Vision.

Interior Finishes

The warmth passengers experience as part of the renovated Terminal continues into Concourse D. The interior spaces are unified by rhythmic terrazzo floor pattern, inspired by the soundwaves of The Music City, and the elegant and simplistic pattern of the large format porcelain tiles that adorn the main circulation spaces. These tiles provide a restful and timeless effect punctuated by the occurrence of the dynamic restroom entrances. Every occurrence of a restroom provides both wayfinding and design opportunities, featuring custom kiln-cast glass panels with vibrant movement and a vivid pop of green in an otherwise neutral palette, inspired by the natural beauty of the Cumberland Forest. This organic addition of green is present again in the moss-like carpet tiles found in the holdrooms.

The Sculpture Zone

Located at the central hub of the concourse, the designated sculpture zone provides a large area to capture the feeling of Nashville. Flanked by concession spaces on either side, the zone is defined by the circulation path and high ceiling in the concessions node. The art zone measures at 17'-11" wide, 87' long and begins at 15'-0" above the finished floor creating an overall depth of 17'-1" for the art piece.


The ceiling in the concessions node is currently designed as a flat linear plank ceiling with the appearance of wood hung at 32'-1". All ceiling elements are currently laid out for general use. Changes may need to be coordinated with concessions and art.

Structural Load

Vertical Load Limitations Max uniform load = 20 PSF Max Point Load = 1500 lbs. per 75 sf of roof area.

Artist/teams selected as finalists will be required to submit a written installation plan as part of the site-specific proposal. Full details of the plan will be disclosed to finalists. Plan must include:

  • Weight of sculpture (estimate for proposal)
  • Verify material composition of sculpture.
  • Determine points of support required for sculpture to hang in Concourse D ceiling.\
  • How were points of support determined and asses the tension capacity at each point.
  • Electrical and data requirements

Electrical and Data

Electrical - Eight (8) 120V duplex outlets - Two spaced every 20 feet in ceiling Data- One (1) Cat 6 cable line (Ceiling outlet).


Current design accounts for general lighting of the space. Specific lighting for artwork will have to be coordinated with final art selection.

Images and information about the project can be found here.

Artist Eligibility

This call is open to artists and teams living in the US. Applicants must have successfully completed at least one art commission (public or private) within the past five years. Artists must provide evidence of prior work experience with similar scale public art projects with documentation in their resume, photographs, and references. You must meet the above criteria to apply. Current Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority employees, commissioners, and Arts at the Airport Board members may not apply.

Art Scope and Goals

This is an opportunity for one artist/team to create a large scale, signature artwork that will be visually complementary and suspended from the ceiling of Concourse D in the Food Court area.  The art work will be accessible to ticket customers, BNA employees and vendor employees. The art zone measures 17'-11" wide, 87' long and begins at 15'-0" above the finished floor creating an overall depth of 17'-1" for the art piece.

The primary goals of the project:

  • Create a visually stimulating design that will be impactful, iconic and memorable for passengers and employees of BNA.
  • Express inspiration from regional features such as Nashville, Middle Tennessee, BNA, and Aviation through form and materials.
  • Design artwork that will create a sense of place for the visitor.
  • Design specifically for the airport environment and in consideration of specific architectural factors and the general character of BNA.
  • Enhance the existing Arts at the Airport public art collection.

Project Budget

The project budget is $600,000. The budget fully includes artist design fees, travel costs, permits, insurance, fabrication, transportation and installation of the artwork on site. This budget also includes lighting, electrical and data beyond what is provided in the build out by the Airport.  

The selected artist/team will be issued a Proposal/Design Phase Contract and begin collaborating with the Hensel Phelps | Fentress design-build team and Arts at the Airport. The final design will be approved by the Arts at the Airport Selection Committee and the MNAA Board of Directors.

Selection Criteria Process

The Arts at the Airport Selection Committee, consisting of Arts at the Airport Board of Directors, staff, a MNAA design representative and professional artists from the community, will evaluate the artists/team's qualifications, statement of interest and artist/teams past work with the goal of selecting three to five finalists. Specific proposals are not requested and will not be reviewed at this time.

Finalists will receive $2,500 to develop a detailed proposal for creating an original design for the hanging sculpture on Concourse D. 50% will be paid upon selection and 50% following delivery of the proposal and on-site interview.

There will be two on site visits for each finalist, all expenses paid by the Airport. The first on site visit will be scheduled to come to the Nashville Airport, meet the Arts at the Airport team, Board Members, tour the Airport, and develop a sense of the culture we are trying to express through the art collections. The second visit will be scheduled several weeks later for the artist/teams to come back and present their proposal to the Arts at the Airport Selection Committee.

Applications will be selected based on the following criteria:

Evaluation Criteria

  • Professional qualifications and experience in their medium.
  • Experience with projects of this scale, setting and complexity or resources available for completing the project.
  • Quality, creativity, and strength of work submitted.
  • Appropriateness of previous work to scope of this project.

The panel will review artists materials using the online CodaWorx system.


May 6, 2019​Deadline for Qualifications submitted via CodaWorx
June 3, 2019​Finalists Selected/Notified. $2500 design fee awarded. 50% payable now.
​June/July 2019First site visit is scheduled; Come get to know us! All expenses will be paid by the Airport Authority.
August/September 2019​Second site visit is scheduled; Final presentation by each artist/team to selection panel.
September 2019Final Selection and Award of Contract/Board approval.
June 2020Installation of Artwork begins.
​July 2020​Project is complete.

Submission Instructions and Materials

Submissions must be received through CodaWorx no later than 5:00PM (EST) on May 6, 2019.

Applications accepted through the CODAworx RFP Portal:   (updated after RFQ is uploaded)

1. Sign up for a free account to submit your application.

2. You may return to your application before it is submitted by clicking the portal link above or by clicking your name in the top right and selecting "RFP Dashboard".

Required information for this application:


Submit a brief, current résumé or CV including

1. Contact information

2. Your website

3. Previous relevant art commissions

4. Design team experience

5. Exhibitions, awards, grants

6. Education

7. References. Please include at least three (3) art and/or design professionals who have detailed knowledge of the artist's work and working methods, including fulfilling deadlines, working with the community, etc. Include contact name, organization, address, telephone, and email for each reference.

Letter of Interest

Please include the following:

1. Name, address, telephone, email, and website for all artist/design team members.

2. Your interest in this project and your experience working on comparable projects,

a. Include your experience with architectural and engineering project teams.

b. Include your philosophy on public art, its integration into surrounding environment and how your work and experience will complement this project.

c. Please describe your eligibility with the multiple criteria for this project from the Selection Criteria section of this RFQ.


Artwork Images

In the "Images of Your Work" section of your application on CODAworx, please upload five (5) examples of relevant artwork as your submission. For each image, you will be prompted to upload a main image. The application screen will also prompt you to specify the title of the artwork, location, budget (USD), year completed, medium, and dimensions.

You have the option to provide more images and information for your completed artwork by publishing a CODAworx "project." With a CODAworx "project" you can include additional images and more information about projects or artwork you have completed in the past. Follow the link below to publish the additional images and information for your application:

Images must be JPEG or PNG file format with a minimum of 620px width, a maximum of 1500px, and maximum file size of 5MB. Slides, prints or any physical submissions of artwork will not be accepted.

The Selection Panel reserves the right to reject incomplete applications or responses.



The MNAA/Arts at the Airport will not be liable in any way for any costs incurred by any artist in the preparation of their proposal in response to this Call and/or participation in any discussions regarding exhibition.

Artist hereby represents and warrants to AaA that s/he is the creator of the Artwork presented in this proposal; s/he is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights to proposed works; and the Artwork does not, in whole or in part, infringe any copyright, violate any right to privacy or other personal or property right whatsoever, or contain an libelous or scandalous matter or matter otherwise contrary to law.