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About Arts at the Airport

Created in 1988 by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA), Arts at the Airport is an ever-growing, ever-changing showcase of cultural diversity and creative talent in Tennessee. The terminal and surrounding facilities at Nashville International Airport (BNA) were designed to incorporate rotating public art exhibits and permanent acquisitions.

Arts at the Airport is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is supported largely by BNA and through grants from the Metro Nashville Arts Commission and the Tennessee Arts Commission.

The Arts at the Airport program is housed within the Community Affairs, Arts and Events department of the BNA. It is overseen by a Curator, administered by an Airport Entertainment Coordinator, and governed by a 15-member Board of Direct​ors.

The award-winning Arts at the Airport program selects and presents works by local, regional, and national artists for the enjoyment and enrichment of Nashville International Airport's passengers and visitors.


In addition, the BNA offices house a large collection of original works. The collection includes 239 pieces in various styles and media, including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and mixed media on paper. The collection was created to spotlight contemporary Tennessee artists, including some of the state's most acclaimed creators.

Arts at the Airport is not limited to visual art. Because music is an integral part of Nashville, musical performances are located on stages in the passenger terminal. Performances feature a variety of musical styles including traditional and contemporary country, rhythm and blues, jazz, pop, gospel and bluegrass. The stages are located near the A/B Waiting Lounge, the C/D Waiting Lounge and in the Concourse C Food Court (beyond security).


The Arts at the Airport Foundation enjoys a working relationship with, or receives funding from, the following arts-related organizations.

Arts at the Airport receives funding for the visual arts from the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) and the Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC). The Flying Solo Exhibition Series is funded under an agreement with TAC. For more information about Arts at the Airport, please call (615) 275-1614 or send email to