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Andrew Harding: Nova Cygni

Andrew Harding

Process photos for Nova Cygni

June 6, 2016 - August 28, 2016
Art Case, A/B Waiting Lounge

Andy Harding was born in rural Tennessee in the mid-70s and spent much of his childhood exploring the 100 acres of woods and farmland where he lived. He attended Belmont University, where he studied chemistry and physics. While in college, Harding enrolled in a series of studio art classes, where he discovered a latent interest in art. After completing his degree, Harding worked for a year in an environmental lab but decided to leave in order to fully devote his time to creative pursuits. Harding was soon invited to be an artist-in-residence at the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tenn. During this five-year residency, Harding grappled with reconciling scientific and spiritual ideas that interested him. Following a six-year stint as a crew leader for a prominent art installation firm in Chicago, Ill., Harding returned to Nashville and renewed his focus on his art. Today, his work is primarily sculpture and installation-based.

About Nova Cygni
“These structures serve as totems for the elemental forms that emerged from scattered dust clouds spewed forth by exploding stars billions of years ago. The frenetic configurations hint at the illusive nature of the particles and energy contained within all matter. The elements have formed and reformed over eons wandering the cosmos. Everything in our solar system, our planet, our bodies has come from the far reaches of space and remade itself for a time before returning to the dust from which it came."

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