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Buffy Holton
June 3 - Aug. 25, 2019
Art Case, A/B Waiting Lounge

Buffy Holton is a retired educator who taught photography and film-making, as well as developmental reading and writing skills, to hundreds of Middle Tennessee high school students and adults. Patterns and textures have always been her most frequent subjects in various mediums. Holton is also an avid gardener who started working with gourds as a base for design after creating several gourd bird houses. She currently resides in the woods in rural Lewis County, Tenn., a fascinating and artistically inspiring experience for someone who grew up in Dallas, Texas, and lived in the heart of Nashville for most of her life.

About Meditation
Holton states, “Discovering a new pattern, such as the beautiful turkey tail lichen in the woods, or a bold Polynesian tattoo design I’ve spotted on the internet, or a random advertising logo at Walmart, gets me doodling and drawing, and then researching and investigating the ideas, history, science and culture behind the designs. Fitting a design to the shape, size, color and texture of a gourd is the beginning of a process of intense focus on that design, which is a kind of meditation.” 

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