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Bob Schatz - Nashville by Design: Architectural Treasures

Bob Schatz photography
Aaron Douglas Ceiling, Cravath Hall, Fisk University, photograph
Tennessee State Capitol, photograph
June 10, 2014 - September 2, 2014
Concourse C, Across from Gates 10 and 13

Bob Schatz’s admiration of photography began as a small child. Before he was six years old, his parents discovered that he had been sneaking away with his father’s camera. A neighbor came to the rescue with a gift of a Brownie box camera for Schatz’s eight birthday. Self-taught throughout his childhood and adolescence, he went on to Belmont University where he pursued photography. Schatz’s photography is frequently seen in print and Internet advertising, corporate brochures, annual reports, books and magazines. His clientele includes Time magazine, Honeywell International and many others. His artwork has been exhibited around the country and is included in the permanent collections of museums, corporations and private collectors.

About Nashville by Design: Architectural Treasures
“A city’s architecture is a window into its soul, and I believe that this is especially true of our hometown, Nashville. The diverse architecture of this great city respects the past, embraces the future, and reveals the roots to family, faith and community. We drive or walk by architecture every day but rarely, if ever, take the time to really look at it to see the details. I hope these photographs will allow you to slow down, to see the lines of a building, to look at the details of a column capital – to really read the language of architecture.”

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