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Buddy Jackson

Buddy Jackson: Reality Bytes

Image: Hattie Dreams Vermeer, wood, acrylic paint, 36" x 60" x 6"

December 8, 2015 - February 28, 2016

Art Case, C Waiting Lounge
Buddy Jackson has been a full-time artist in Nashville for more than 40 years, working in various media including sculpture, painting, photography and graphic design. His work has been published in international media, is included in public and private collections all over the world, and among hundreds of other honors, he has won two Grammy Awards for album art. Jackson states, “A representation of the human form is the oldest man-made object ever found, and in the millennia that have ensued, the impulse to recreate ourselves has never waned. For as long as I have memory, I have always been attracted solely to rendering people as a vehicle to express the joy, heartache, idiocy, courage, insecurities, quirks and countless other emotions and attractions that we all share.”
About Reality Bytes
Art. Music. War. The making of these, and any other human endeavor, has always involved a quest for perfection, and in turn, the value of this work has been based upon the success of realizing that goal. But, the reality is, we are just people, and true perfection has been eternally unobtainable to our imperfect species. But now, technology has come along and turned the visual world upside-down. A computer can only do perfect. It hasn’t the capacity to make a crooked line or any other flaw unless they are made with the express intention and action of the artist, and when everything is perfect, it is no longer special.

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