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Byron Jorjorian - Abstract Perspectives

Byron Jorjorian

March 4 ­- May 26, 2019

Concourse C, across from Gates 10 and 13

Byron Jorjorian is a master photographer and printer who has specialized in nature and abstract photography for more than 36 years. Jorjorian works daily with interior designers and art consultant teams across the country with over 23,000 prints installed. He has more than 575,000 images in his collection and has had more than 12,000 images reproduced in many publications, including National Geographic Magazine.

About Abstract Perspectives
The artist states, "In this body of work, I am exploring nature as an abstraction of pattern, shape and color. I draw my inspiration from a place I call 'emotional discovery,' or the 'aha' moment that happens when color, texture and patterns come together in a pleasing, exciting and emotional way."

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