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Celebration - Jorge Yances

Jorge Yances - Celebration

Jorge Yances: Celebration
Entrance to Concourse A
Dedicated: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Award-winning artist Jorge A. Yances was born in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and educated in the United States. He was labeled a creative prodigy by art aficionados at a very early age. During his teenage years, he fine-tuned his creative expression using a variety of techniques and finishes. Yances is a resident of Nashville, Tenn., and has a long, successful career creating and selling his artwork. Yances’ work has been on display and in demand throughout the United States, South America and Asia.
Yances’ unique style gives the viewer the opportunity to sense and feel more than one reality. The power of mind and matter intermingle and come to life on the canvas. This ability has earned Yances a premier position in the Magical Realism Movement.

About Celebration
The city strikes a particular chord in the hearts of those who come to Nashville with visions of a destination, not merely a place to visit. “Celebration” embraces and invites each viewer to awaken to the rhythm of our city; to come closer and see themselves reflected as a part of our story.
Distinctive Nashville imagery that initially draws the audience to the painting for a photo or selfie becomes, in close proximity and upon examination, a discovery of phantom spirits tucked away and peering out, beckoning – a powerful signature element of the Realismo Mágico style.
The magic of Nashville welcomes and unites many voices, songs, stories, cultures and perspectives. Welcome to Nashville!

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