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Jeff Cashdollar: Cornelia Fort Airpark

Jeff Cashdollar
Runway, photograph
December 10, 2013 - March 2, 2014
Concourse C - Across from Gates 10 and 13
Jeff Cashdollar has been working in photography for over ten years. After receiving a degree in accounting and economics from David Lipscomb University, he worked for several Fortune 100 companies. He developed a passion for photography while working around the world as a Business and Technology Manager. Cashdollar’s primary passion is nature with an emphasis on birds. He developed an eye for composition and harmony after studying with several of the world’s most published photographers. His work has been exhibited in many forums, sold commercially and published in various magazines and newspapers. Cashdollar continues to learn about life through the discipline of the frame and teaches others how to capture wonderful moments in nature.

About This Exhibit

Jeff Cashdollar states, “Seventy years after the passing of Cornelia Fort, I meandered along the silent runways, past grounded planes and empty hangars, as the whisper of long unmown grass heightened the sense of desolation inhabiting the ghostly airfield. I was keenly aware that this once-bustling place had become a decaying scrapbook of dreams, adventures and follies in aviation. Then I heard a stirring above me and looked up to see a flock of geese flying in formation into the distant clouds. I was reminded that flight doesn’t belong to an airport – or even to man.”

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