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Michael Kenney, Cowboy Chairs and Americana Furniture

June 3 - Aug. 25, 2019
Art Case, C Waiting Lounge

Michael Kenney was raised in Tucson, Ariz., but he has lived in Nashville for 40 years. Kenney is an alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University. He also served in the U.S. Army. While providing leather goods for Ralph Lauren, he decided to create an original cowboy chair, because he could not find one that existed. He has been commissioned to build chairs for musicians Willie Nelson and Michael Martin Murphy.
About Cowboy Chairs and Americana Furniture
Kenney states, “My chairs are made from reclaimed pieces of horse tack, such as the hames. A horse collar often supports a pair of curved metal or wooden pieces, called ‘hames,’ to which the traces of the harness are attached. I chose the horse hame because of its strength and shape, in addition to a vast number of attached pieces of hardware. Hames are made from hardwood, mostly ash, and are steel-reinforced. “I consider my first chair, created in 1987, to be the original cowboy chair. I also build tables using the hames as the legs. My chairs and tables are built for beauty, strength and durability, and I’ve made close to 100 chairs to date. The frontiersman and cowboy lifestyle influence my aesthetic. I consider this work to be in the ‘Americana’ style, as seen in a country cabin or cowboy setting.” AmericanaOriginalArt

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