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Michael Holowach - Turned Wood Sculptures

Michael Holowach
Dec. 4, 2017 – Feb. 25, 2018
Art Case, C Waiting Lounge  

Michael Holowach was born in Newark, N.J. After high school he enlisted the U.S. Army, serving as a Chief Warrant Officer from 1967–71. His service included being a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and an instructor at Fort Rucker, Ala., until the end of his enlistment. In 1972, he moved to California, where he got his fixed wing aircraft license and began instructing aviation with small aircraft as well as helicopters.
He started a career in the motion picture industry in 1978, working as a Property Master on a variety of projects from major motion pictures to weekly television series and commercials. After 31 years, he retired in 2009.
About Turned Wood Sculptures
Holowach states, “After retiring, I missed the creativity and driving forces that were a part of my career. This led me to search for another source of artistic expression. I feel I have found that in woodturning.
I started with bowls and other basic shapes, but soon found myself looking for the means to push the limits of my artistic ability by creating expressive and complex forms. I am intrigued by negative space in the three- dimentional object and use it to increase the visual interest of my sculptures.”

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