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Peg Fredi - When Cuba Dances

Peg Fredi

June 4 ­ Aug. 26, 2018
Concourse C
Across from Gates 10 and 13
Peg Fredi is an award-winning photographer and native Tennessean whose art has been informed by her natural surroundings and southern gothic literature. She is a lifelong learner and continually seeks new ways to bring a unique interpretation to her images. Fredi earned a Master of Fine Arts in visual arts from the Lesley University College of Art and Design in Boston, Mass. She is an assistant professor of art and the director of The Adams Gallery at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tenn., where she also earned a Master of Arts in Studio Art.
About When Cuba Dances
Fredi states, "Rhythms. We are driven by them without consciously acknowledging them. We feel circadian rhythms and endogenous, untrainable oscillations daily. Even the tides respond to lunar patterns. We hear music and our feet begin to move. None of us is immune.

"While photographing dance in Cuba, I heard and felt the vibrations of drums. Shooting a still photograph seemed unnatural. The undulating bodies dancing to the Cuban pulse telling their historical, colorful stories of oppression, joy, sadness and revolution had to be experienced as well as seen. These images represent experimentation with a visual medium in a manner which allows the viewer to feel the movement of dance without the aid of an audio facilitator. It is the dance of life and our common bond with humanity."

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