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Platetone - The Art of Printmking, Paper and Book Arts


Shown right-to-left, prints by: Kaaren Engel, William Tyler, Carrie Cox, Marleeen de Waele-de Bock, Lesley Patterson-Marx and Megan Kelley.
March 11, 2014 - September 1, 2014
Concourse A, Across from Gate 3

Platetone is a fine arts community studio offering workspace, workshops and exhibition opportunities. Platetone print shop was founded in 2004 as a community printmaking studio offering membership to fine art printmakers. Expanding upon its vision, Platetone: Printmaking, Paper and Book Arts was formed in 2012 to include other paper media and book artists. 

The mission of Platetone is to inspire and interact with our community by providing accessibility to studio space and equipment, sponsoring events that showcase book arts, paper arts, and printmaking, while providing educational opportunities for all ages. We believe art should be accessible to everyone and that small groups of like-minds can inspire and enrich the community. Platetone exists to support local artists, inspire and create new artists, and serve as a local institution for all things book, paper and print.

Each Platetone member brings a wide range of experience, skill and technique to this exhibit. With a deep appreciation for the tradition of fine art printmaking and book arts, these images are an expression of these evolving art forms. This exhibit represents a range of printmaking processes such as linoleum block, woodcut, lithography, screen printing, monotype and much more. Book arts and paper media further reflect
the viewpoint of the artists and the discovery of these art forms.

Arts at the Airport receives funding for the visual arts from the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) and the Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC). The Flying Solo Exhibition Series is funded under an agreement with TAC. For more information about Arts at the Airport, please call (615) 275-1614 or send email to