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Rebecca Ruegger - Out of the Woods

Rebecca Reugger 2018

June 4 ­ Aug. 26, 2018
Art Case, A/B Waiting Lounge

Rebecca Ruegger moved from the crowded suburbs of Chicago decades ago to the enchanting, rolling green hills of rural Tennessee. The fields, forests, streams and wildlife changed her perspective on everything. Ruegger finds her greatest contentment spending every possible day on her secluded property, sculpting and painting in front of the curious eyes of two deerhounds and one lazy cat.

About Out of the Woods
Ruegger states, "Some years ago, I had a dog named Max. Max was an avid collector of sticks. He would select a perfect treasure branch during our daily walks, carry it home, and place it on the porch. One warm evening, in the long shadows of fading light, I glanced at his abundant accumulation. A particular twisted branch resembled the face of a small creature."

"With Max's permission, I took additional sticks from his collection and attempted to assemble this fleeting glimpse of a visage into a whole creature. In the years since, I've had a lot of fun trying to bring other imaginary denizens of our surroundings to life."

"Working with wood as the primary component of my art allows me to feel an intrinsic connection to the outdoor natural world where I find my greatest happiness. Over time, I've added other found objects and curious bits to the assemblages. I invite the viewer to discover meaning in these sculptures, based on his or her personal life experiences."

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