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Rebecca Ruegger: Stick Figures

Rebecca Ruegger
Pictured Left to Right:​
Before Dark, wood and mixed media, 9” x 23”
Birdman, wood and mixed media, 8” x 14”
Darla, wood and mixed media, 8” x 7”  

March 10 – May 31, 2015
Art Case, C Meeter-Greeter Lounge
Rebecca Ruegger lives and works on a farm she shares with three dogs, one cat and an abandoned horse in rural Middle Tennessee. A decade ago, Rebecca Ruegger set her career as an award-winning illustrator aside to focus on creating a more personal vision. For many years she painted figurative and landscape works in watercolor and oil. Approximately two years ago, Ruegger started to create three-dimensional pieces as well.
Ruegger states, “I had a beloved dog, Max, who would always bring a stick home from our daily walks. Some of these sticks were up to five feet long! While sitting on my back porch looking at his pile of sticks, a particular branch appeared to look like a small face. I decided to bring the face and figure to life using parts of Max’s collection. I have been enjoying assemblage ever since.”

In addition to wood, Ruegger also makes use of a wide variety of found objects including fabric, metal, or anything that might work. She adds hand-crafted details using clay, which is then painted or stained.
Last year, Ruegger was honored to have the Tennessee State Museum acquire her artwork– both a painting and a sculpture – for its permanent collection. Her work can be found at Gallery One in Nashville, Tenn., and The River Gallery in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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