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L. Renee Nunez

Habitat: Sentinel by Renee Nunez
Habitat: Sentinel
acrylic on hand cut canvas, cast shadows, reflected color, nails, monofilament, 72” x 216” x 36”
September 8 - November 29, 2015
Art Case, C Meeter-Greeter Lounge
Chattanooga transplant L. Renee Nunez is a Latina/Mescalero Apache born and bred in Texas. Her work innately expresses a Mexican Folk Art sensibility and palette. Drawing and painting mermaids from age four and obsessively depicting each hair and scale was an early indicator that line quality and pattern were authentic born-in qualities. Renee proved she was a punk by unreservedly and unapologetically loving Art Nouveau. Today her work focuses primarily on pattern, negative space, habitat, endangered or imaginary plants and bio-morphs.

About Habitat: Sentinel
“In my latest painting installation, I make a genuine, but playful inquiry into the humanist invention of a hierarchy of species. ‘Habitat: Sentinel’ uses scale to dissolve the taxonomic barriers between animals, plants and other organisms, like fungi, with both reverence and humor. Relinquishing a frame altogether, I layer these intricately painted and hand-cut canvas pieces on vertical and horizontal surfaces. My work has been described as ‘a painting disguised as an object’ because the paintings are hand-cut and consist of intricate networks which cast shadows and reflect colors from the supporting surfaces, bringing these works out of the realm of the two-dimensional and fully into the three-dimensional world.”
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