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Suzanne Sidebottom - Clay that Deceives the Eye

Suzanne Sidebottom

March 4 ­- May 26, 2019
Art Case, C Waiting Lounge

Suzanne Sidebottom's first 22 years in life were spent in Nashville, Tenn. Her life changed when she studied clay with world-class artist Sylvia Hyman at Peabody College.

Today, her "trompe l'oeil" work features everyday objects realistically crafted from clay and printed with underglazes using antique and artist-designed printing blocks and artist-made decals. She has exhibited in 59 juried and invitational exhibitions across the U.S. over the past six years, was published in "500 Prints on Clay: An Inspiring Collection of Image Transfer Work," and has sculptures in numerous private collections. Her work is best described by art critic Jo Anne Triplett, who wrote, "Sidebottom's work needs yellow caution tape around it, stamped with the warning: 'This object is not as it appears.'"

About Clay that Deceives the Eye
Is it real, or is it a trick of the eye? "Trompe l'oeil" is the art of illusion, a game that artists play with viewers to challenge their ideas about the nature of art and perception.
Sidebottom states, "To a casual observer, my sculptures, such as a toppled cardboard box overflowing with trash, a crossword puzzle, newspaper clippings, paintbrushes, a book or old nails, all appear to be real. In actuality, they are made of clay. I want the viewer to interact with my pieces, to touch them, to feel them, to take a second glance and discover it's clay."

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