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Tamara Gentuso - Unforgettable Faces

Tamara Gentuso Exhibit

Photo and Sculpture Collage

Sept. 5, 2016 - Nov. 27, 2016

Art Case, A/B Waiting Lounge

Born and raised in the Midwest, a Nashville transplant since the ’80s, Tamara Gentuso has always been a storyteller at heart. In her photography, she shares two-dimensional histories; in clay, her narratives fill out and become three-dimensional. Autodidact as both a photographer and a sculptor, Tamara has been an integral part of a thriving artist co-op in Nashville–The Clay Lady’s Campus–since 2011, and splits her days between the pristinely clean digital photo world and her fun-with-mud clay studio where she continues to push boundaries and experiment in clay. Major influences in her artistic career have been Danielle “The Clay Lady” McDaniel and renowned sculptor Nan Jacobsohn.

About Unforgettable Faces
“Photography has been my first love, but with our culture’s recent visual inundation, its once all-powerful voice is a little muffled and fuzzy around the edges. Being composed of both fine art prints and busts based on those prints, the ‘Unforgettable Faces’ project blends both arenas for me and has been both sweetly easy and terribly challenging. My hope in sculpting each person is that I can share some of their unique story, with their triumphs and trials, with folks who would otherwise never have noticed, because some stories need to be seen before they can be heard.”

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