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Tara Bullington

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Miss Havisham, wire paper, string, paint, 24" x 60" x 10"

Dec. 5, 2016 - Feb. 26, 2017

Art Case, C Concourse Waiting Lounge

Mixed-media artist Tara Bullington earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama and a Master of Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art. Her paintings and sculpture fluctuate between abstract and figurative, depending on the day. Her paintings and sculptures have been in various solo and group shows in and around Los Angeles, as well as the Southeast U.S. During the weekdays, she is a freelance stylist for “No'Ala” magazine and works full time on special projects for the Shoals Marriott Hotel and Spa in Florence, Ala.

About This Exhibit

“Miss Havisham (from Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations) has a broken heart, because she has been left at the altar. She spends the rest of her aggrieved life plotting retribution, and eventually repels everyone she loves. I’m a bibliophile who works autonomously. I find inspiration in books or poems, before I begin constructing. Once a piece is completed, I read into it to discover the narrative. To me, this work is a cautionary yarn about holding onto resentment and pain. It is the ghost of a once lovely and idealistic woman–now a dusty shell of tangled resentment.”

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