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Wind Reeds

Wind Reeds by Ned Kahn
Ned Kahn: Wind Reeds
CONRAC, Consolidated Rental Car Facility 
Dedicated: 2011

For the Nashville International Airport project entitled “Wind Reeds,” artist Ned Kahn was inspired by a landscape of windswept reeds.

Kahn has completed a series of artworks that reveal invisible forces in their sites by converting natural flow patterns, such as wind, into the pixilated motion of many small metal parts. He calls these artworks “detectors,” because they are analogous to the detectors on telescopes and other scientific instruments. The typically unseen patterns of the wind are complex and entrancing. The psychological effect is similar to watching a fire, waves on a lake or tall grasses swaying in the wind.
The Wind Reeds sculpture covers a portion of the Consolidated Rental Car (CONRAC) facility with more than 500 hinged aluminum elements that sway in the wind like grasses. The surfaces of the metal panels capture color from the sky and the surrounding environment, creating an ever-changing mosaic of sky and wind currents.

The artwork is uniquely tied to the atmosphere and climate of Nashville, drawing its energy and animation directly from the moment-to-moment conditions of the local environment.

Kahn states, “My hope is that the artwork will function as a register for the ever-changing wind and create a unique kinetic portal for Nashville that will remind people of the magic and mystery of the world that we live in."

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