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Disparity Study

Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority Disparity Study
The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) conducted a comprehensive, independently conducted disparity study to measure the effectiveness of the Authority’s Small, Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprises (SMWBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) programs for federally-assisted construction, professional services and commodities and other services contracts to ensure that these programs remain legally defensible and administratively successful.

Conducted by independent research firm Colette Holt & Associates, the disparity study cites the success of MNAA’s efforts and recommends continuation and expansion of these programs to further reduce any disparities in access to airport contracting opportunities based on race and gender.

Colette Holt & Associates analyzed MNAA contract data from 2008 to 2012 using extensive focus groups and anecdotal evidence. Both disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged firms expressed satisfaction in MNAA’s programs and believed they were effective in providing access to procurement opportunities. Overall, the results suggest that MNAA’s programs have been successful in reducing barriers to participation and recommends those efforts be continued and expanded. 
  • What is a "disparity study?"
Disparity studies evaluate contracting data to measure the participation of available small, minority and woman-owned business enterprises within governmental agencies. Disparities exist when these firms are found to be underutilized in comparison to the proportion of available and capable firms in the region. MNAA’s last disparity study was conducted in 2007. 
  • Executive Summary

Click here to read the MNAA Disparity Executive Summary.


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