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Compliance Reporting

BNA's Office of Business Diversity Development compliance team utilizes the B2GNow system for tracking projects/contracts with participation by SMWBEs (Small, Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprises), DBEs (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) and/or ACDBEs (Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprises).

B2GNow is a web-based system that enables the BDD team to track goals, participation levels for primes and subcontractors, and payments received by subcontractors. The system is designed for primes and subcontractors to self report their SMWBE, DBE and/or ACDBE participation within the system. Each user has a unique log-in and password that can be accessed anywhere the internet is accessible. 

When the prime contractor or accounting system reports payment information into the system, B2GNow will send out notifications/reminders for reporting and confirmations to subcontractors for verification of reported payments.

The system is a self-reporting system, which is open to all prime contractors/consultants for self-report activity. The prime contractors/consultants will be able to see all subcontractor payment information, month by month, and the status of their participation on the project. Subcontractors will be able to see, at a glance, the projects they are working on, their status within each project, the amounts paid toward that contract and the contract amount.

Business Diversity Development Compliance Objectives:

  • To answer questions about participation
  • To confirm certification status, or if the airport accepts another type of certification
  • To analyze/evaluate participation on bids/proposals
  • To confirm subcontractors, payments and payment information, and ensure payment information is submitted in a timely manner (reviewing pay applications, site visits and verifications by phone)
  • To track contractors' and subcontractors' SMWBE/DBE/ACDBE information and goals by project/contract
  • To perform project site visits with contractors and subcontractors
  • To provide communication assistance between prime and subcontractor, if other measures have failed. BDD compliance representatives will attend meetings with primes and subcontractors to ensure that both parties understand our processes and our expectations.

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Contact our Compliance Team:

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