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How to Apply for a Ground Transportation Permit


The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority REQUIRES that all Operator's whose vehicle(s) access the Airport, a Commercial Drive or parking facility of the Airport more than two (2) times per month during any given month obtain a permit. This includes picking up, or dropping off.


Follow these steps to apply for a permit:

1) READ THE COMMERCIAL GROUND TRANSPORTATION POLICY and the Airport RULES AND REGULATIONS. Once you are approved to operate at the airport it is understood that you have read these documents thoroughly and are aware of all operating requirements. These documents should be reviewed frequently as they are subject to change from time to time.

2) Determine which category of operator you are. This can be found in Appendix "F" of the Commercial Ground Transportation Policy. 

3) Fill out the application. Only typed applications will be accepted. Click here for application

4) Provide a current copy of each of the following;

    1. Business Tax License – Obtained from your specific County Clerk

    2. State Business License – Obtained from the Division of Business Services Department of the State (This is only required for LLC's and Corporation's

    3. Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity Obtained from the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County, Transportation Licensing Commission (Required for operators who provide a "for-hire" service with vehicle capacity of up to 15 persons inclusive of the driver)

    4. Certificate of Insurance – This must include a list of all vehicles, make, model, year and VIN number. All certificates must list "The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, its Board of Commissioners, its officers, and its employees" as an additional insured. Please refer to Appendix "E" of the Commercial Ground Transportation Policy for more detailed information regarding coverages and requirements. Your insurance must meet all requirements prior to being considered for a Commercial Ground Transportation Permit.

*Note – All documents must be under the SAME NAME that you wish to operate as. If at any time you change your company name you will need to re-apply for a permit.

5) Submit your application and all required documents by either dropping them off in person, emailing them to or mailing them to;

                    Attn: Landside Operations

                    The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

                    One Terminal Drive, Suite 501

                    Nashville, TN 37214


6) Once ALL documents have been received by The Authority you will receive an email at the address that was listed on your application with further instructions. Partial applications will not be accepted.

7) Once your permit has been approved you will be notified via email. At this point you must contact the Operations Landside Coordinator at to schedule a time to have your vehicles tagged.

A non-refundable $50 application fee is required for new operators, plus a $50 registration fee for each vehicle tagged. The registration fee consists of a $5 Decal Fee, $25 AVI Transponder Tag Fee, and a $20 Commercial Vehicle Registration Fee. These charges will be added to your AVI account once the vehicle(s) are tagged.

All vehicles must be tagged prior to beginning operations at the airport. Operators who are found to have tampered with this equipment in any way are subject to penalties as laid out in the Commercial Ground Transportation Policy.

Make sure that you follow these steps exactly to prevent process delays. Also, be patient. The typical time to complete a new permit is at least 30 days from the date all documents are received.

You may NOT under any circumstance operate at the airport without a permit or while you are waiting to be approved. Should you have any additional questions, you may contact Commercial Development at or Ground Transportation at

Please note that once you have been permitted you still have an obligation to provide The Authority updated documents periodically. This includes notifying The Authority of any change in company name, ownership, address, vehicle or any other relevant information. Operators who fail to do so will face penalties including fines, suspensions, & permit revocation.