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Ground Transportation

Nashville International Airport​ has ground transportation options for all visitors, no matter your needs, schedule or destination. Select an option to the left for more information.

Commercial vehicle pick-ups are at the Ground Transportation Center, Level 1 of the Terminal Garage.
Drop-offs are made curbside at the Main Terminal.

Getting to the Ground Transportation Center:
  • Exit the Main Terminal on Level 1 and turn right.
  • Follow the sidewalk and pedestrian canopy to the Terminal Garage. Overhead signs will direct you.
  • The Ground Transportation Center is on Level 1.


To reach the Rental Car Facility:
  • Exit the terminal on Level 1 and turn left.
  • Follow the sidewalk past the Valet Drop-Off area.
  • Cross Terminal Drive. A crossing guard will assist you in crossing safely.
  • Proceed to the Rental Car Facility.