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Ground Transportation

Nashville International Airport​ has ground transportation options for all visitors, no matter your needs, schedule or destination. Select an option to the left for more information.

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Ground transportation pick-ups have moved to BNA's new Parking and Transportation Center, next to the existing Short Term Parking Garage. Commercial vehicles will pick up on Level 1 of the new Parking and Transportation Center. Drop-offs will continue on Levels 2 and 3 of the Terminal.

Finding the New Ground Transportation Center:
-Exit the terminal on Level 1 and turn right.
-Follow the sidewalk and pedestrian canopy to the Parking and Transportation Center. Overhead signs will direct you.
-The Ground Transportation Center is on Level 1.

New Pedestrian Path to Rental Car Facility
The pedestrian path has changed due to construction, as the Short Term Garage has closed for demolition.

To reach the Rental Car Facility:
-Exit the terminal on Level 1 and turn left.
-Follow the sidewalk past the Valet Drop-Off area.
-Cross Terminal Drive. A crossing guard will assist you in crossing safely.
-Proceed to the Rental Car Facility.