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Rental Car Facility


  • The pedestrian path to/from the Rental Car Facility has changed due to construction, as the Short Term Garage has closed for demolition.

    To reach the Rental Car Facility:

    -Exit the terminal on Level 1 and turn left.
    -Follow the sidewalk past the Valet Drop-Off area.
    -Cross Terminal Drive. A crossing guard will assist you in crossing safely.
    -Proceed to the Rental Car Facility.

  • The Courtesy Cart service to/from the Rental Car Facility has been discontinued, but it is still operating within CONRAC. Wheelchair assistance will be provided between the terminal & the Rental Car Facility.

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The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority approved the construction of a new consolidated rental car facility. Construction began on the project in February 2010 and the facility opened in November 2011.


  • Short walk from terminal
  • 1.2 million-square-foot building
  • One of the largest projects in Airport Authority history
  • Currently houses nine (9) rental car brands
  • Covered walkway to terminal with moving walkways
  • 2,400 ready/return car stalls
  • Quick-turnaround facility with 10 car wash bays, 54 fueling stations, common vacuum and windshield wiper fluid system, and three 20,000-gallon underground fuel storage tanks
  • Facility opens an additional 600 covered parking spaces in the current Short Term garage for BNA patrons, an increase of 30 percent


 ​The project was paid for entirely by customer facility charges (CFCs), or fees charged for rental car use. The project did not include any local tax dollars.


Environmental Sustainability

​The facility includes several environmentally sustainable features: 

  • Saves 800,000 miles of driving per year
  • Uses reclaimed water for washing rental cars
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Lighting-management system adjust levels based on natural lighting
  • Greenscreen wall covered in vegetation

Public Art

​The facility features a public art piece on the outside of the building for travelers to enjoy. The artwork, designed by renowned artist Ned Kahn, includes hundreds of hinged aluminum elements attached to the building that sway with the wind.