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JWN Apron Rehabilitation Project

JWN Apron Rehabilitation Project Begins Monday, Aug. 26, 2019

This project will upgrade the entire aircraft apron to better serve JWN tenants.

  • Project will be phased to minimize impact on tenants
  • New asphalt will yield greater longevity and ability to bear greater weight
  • Project will include restriping, yielding higher visibility
  • Old tie-downs will be removed

Project Timeline:

Aug. 26, 2019 – Late September*

  • Phase 1: Approx. 5 Working Days
  • Phase 2: Approx. 4 Working Days
  • Phase 3: Approx. 3 Working Days
  • Phase 4: Approx. 2 working Days

* Timeline is weather-dependent and subject to change

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Important Notes:

  • Only one-third of the apron will be closed at a time for most of the project's duration
  • Gate 2 and ramp access will be restricted to construction vehicles only while the project is underway
  • It is highly recommended that base tenants depart from their hangars for the duration of the project
  • During Phase 4, the entire apron will be closed overnight for approximately two nights (early/mid-September). We anticipate little impact on tenants, given that this work will occur overnight.
  • Shuttle service will be available upon request or appointment, for aircraft parked at TWY R1 and TWY R2 during Phase 4.
  • No impact on runway
  • No impact on fueling operations


Contact Kathy Hatter at (615) 275-1275 or