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Press Photos

Terminal Art Images (Summer 2019 Exhibit Season)

Green Daniel: From Recording Studios to Art Studios
Canna, acrylic paint, spray enamel, pastel, graphite, and oil stick on canvas, 60" x 48," 2015
Genessee Mountain Singer, Oil, acrylic, oil stick, graphite, and acetone on canvas, 36" X 48," 2017
Buffy Holton: Meditation
Magic Trick, natural gourd, India ink, acrylic, bamboo skewers, spar varnish, 11" x 15" x 6," 2018
House of Jewels, natural gourd, India ink, Bombay ink, acrylic, wax, 6" x 20.5" x 6," 2019

Michael Kenny: Cowboy Chairs and Americana Furniture
The Duke Cowboy Chair, wood, leather, steel, 32" x 40," 2019
Rough Rider Chair, wood, leather, steel, 30 x 37

Bonnaroo Skylights at BNA, 2019 Season

J. Andrew Harding: Cosmic Dance
skylight near Gate B-4

Nicholas Meyer: Decidedly Bonnaroo
skylight near Gate C-7

Gabriela Noelle: Radiating Positivity
skylight near Gate C-9

Lily Reeves: Radical Principles
skylight near Gate C-15