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Short Term Garage (Closing Soon)


  • The entrance to the Short Term Parking Garage has permanently closed. The exit will remain open until Jan. 6, 2019, to allow remaining vehicles to vacate.
  • Please utilize BNA's new Parking and Transportation Center (next to the Short Term Garage) for terminal garage parking.

Three levels of parking, short walk to the terminal, first 20 minutes free.


The Short Term Garage has three levels available for public parking use. It is located adjacent to the terminal facility. The overhead height clearance in the Short Term Garage is 8’2”.


Accessible parking is available in all airport lots. All airport operated shuttle buses in the long term and economy lots are equipped with wheelchair ramps for passenger assistance. Regular fees apply.


For more than 24 hours: maximum rate is $23 per day.


​0 - 20 minutesFree​
​20 minutes - 40 minutes​$3
40 minutes - 1 hour​$6
1 hour - 1 hour 20 minutes​$9
​1 hour 20 minutes - 1 hours 40 minutes​$12
1 hour 40 minutes - 2 hours​$15
2 hours - 2 hours 20 minutes​$18
​2 hours 20 minutes - 2 hours 40 minutes​$21
​2 hours 40 minutes - 24 hours​$23
​​$3 every 20 minutes (up to maximum daily rate) for any additional days
The following forms of payment are accepted: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


PARKING QUESTIONS? Contact ABM 615-275-1045

SHUTTLE QUESTIONS? Contact ABM 615-360-0010
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